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Webcast - Brittany Massaro, Coastal Insurance Consulting, LLC.

In this webcast, our Customer Success Manager Max Posner chats with Brittany Massaro, Brokerage Manager at Coastal Insurance Consulting, LLC. about emerging trends in life insurance and how they leverage Proformex. Check it out!

Putting with Pepe - Royce Vanderbilt

Meet Royce Vanderbilt, our Director of Talent Acquisition, in the video interview between him and our Founder Mike Pepe.

White Paper - Best Practices for Marketing Your Life Insurance Agency and Establishing Trust

Earning your clients' trust is paramount in the life insurance business. In our latest white paper, our CMO, David Morris, discusses ways you can help establish that trust with a solid marketing strategy for your life insurance agency.

Webcast - Will Cassidy, Cassidy & Company, LLC

Our Founder, Mike Pepe, chats with Will Cassidy, President of Cassidy & Co., about the conversation he had with his Lion Street study group around inforce policy management and how insurtech plays a role in it. Check it out!

White Paper - The New Normal in a Disrupted World

As the COVID-19 crisis rages on, it's important to keep open lines of communication going with your clients. What questions can you be asking them to help enhance their outcomes? Read our latest white paper for a handful of examples.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Kyle Holdsworth

Kyle Holdsworth is another one of our Account Executives. Learn more about Kyle in his interview with our Founder Mike Pepe in the 12th episode of our series.

Video - Whiteboard Wednesday with Kevin Kelley

In part 2 of our Whiteboard Wednesdays with Kevin Kelley, we address a question we received regarding the COVID-19 crisis. Listen for Kevin's explanation in the video above!

Putting with Pepe - Meet Alexa VanMaaren

In episode 11 of #PuttingWithPepe, our Founder Mike Pepe interviews Alexa VanMaaren, Account Executive. Check it out!

White Paper - The GAs of the Future

As technologies begin to surface within the marketplace, it's becoming increasingly important for agencies to identify and explore ways to implement these tools and resources for the benefit of their agents.

Case Study - Larkins & Larkins, LLC

Larkins & Larkins, LLC - a specialty life insurance brokerage - leverages Proformex to provide their high net worth clients an invaluable asset: peace of mind.

Webcast - Ken Leibow, InsurTech Express

In our second webcast recording with Ken Leibow, he and Mike Pepe - Founder of Proformex - talk about the ways in which life insurance must adapt in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

Webcast - Cathy Neifeld, AgencyONE

Cathy Neifeld, Partner and General Counsel at AgencyONE, chats with our Founder Mike Pepe about the current state of our industry and her background in it.

Webcast - Izzy Brettler, Arbor Group

Max Posner, our Customer Success Manager, interviews Izzy Brettler, Vice President of Arbor Group. They discuss the ways in which our industry needs to adapt during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Karoline Porter, Associate Product Manager

Karoline Porter, once a Customer Success Manager and now our Associate Product Manager, sinks the most puts out of anyone interviewed by our founder Mike Pepe and talks about what she does at Proformex.

White Paper - 6 Ways Carriers Can Navigate the Impact of InsurTech in a Digital, More Regulatory Age

In our newest white paper, our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kelly Lytle, provides an overview of six different ways carriers can embrace insurtech to enhance their processes and procedures. Discover the impact leveraging technology and automation can have on your business.

White Paper - COVID-19 and the Life Insurance Industry

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting each segment of the life insurance industry, from carrier to producer to consumer, and how technology partners can alleviate some pain in these unprecedented times.

White Paper - 7 Reasons Policy Management is Good for You and Your Clients

Life insurance technology is no longer just a differentiator. See how and why inforce policy management enables you to provide your clients with the best possible outcomes.

White Paper - An In-Depth Analysis of Best Interest Standards

This executive white paper examines how best interest standards were first introduced to the life insurance industry, how they are currently being regulated and implemented, where they are headed.

White Paper - It's Not About Getting Another 1%

When considering a life insurance distribution partner, you must consider more than just who gives you a higher commission payout. This paper outlines other important decision-making factors.

Video - The Power of Proformex

The life insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation, thanks to technology like Proformex. Discover how our turnkey solution saves you time, money and resources on inforce policy management.

Video - Proformex ROI

Proformex has turned ongoing inforce policy management into a revenue maker. See how some current Proformex customers are generating an annual 300%+ ROI on their purchase of our platform.

Case Study - Cavitch, Familio & Durkin

Discover how Proformex provides Lindsey Smith and his firm with a centralized with well-organized data for all the policies entrusted to his company.

Case Study - TDC Life

In an age where regulations continue to become more stringent, it was important for TDC Life to implement a comprehensive, consolidated solution for inforce policy management.

Case Study - Life Asset Partners

See how Proformex helped Ben Rainey protect one of his clients who was facing some difficult circumstances - a cancer patient's policy entered grace period after a missed premium payment.

Case Study - Life Insurance Advisor

Find out how one advisor transformed his practice utilizing the Proformex system to ensure his clients' needs were met while creating new opportunities within his current book of business.

Case Study - Fiduciary

A law firm with a significant trust practice had no comprehensive process for policy review. Learn how Proformex solved their reactive problem and created real differentiation from their competitors.

Case Study - Kohrman Jackson & Krantz

Discover how Proformex helped this local foundation keep a gifted $5M life insurance policy inforce after an unexpected 400% premium payment increase.

Case Study - Strickland, Nuske, Friend & Berry, Inc.

See how Proformex helped this firm regain 30 years' of guarantees that were lost on a client's policy when he made a material change to that policy.

Case Study - Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg

A client at this law firm had a life insurance policy that he was ready to surrender. Find out how Proformex intervened and gave him some more preferable alternatives to explore.

Case Study - The Cleveland Foundation

A local community foundation received a $5M life insurance policy as a donation, but shortly after receiving this gift, the policy became subject to lapse. See how Proformex helped keep the policy inforce.

Case Study - Ohio University Foundation

Two policy owners lost nearly 7 years of coverage due to a carrier spin-off. See how Proformex identified the problem early in a coverage assessment and helped keep the policy inforce.

Case Study - The TOLI Group

When a policyowner’s premium payment was not appropriately applied to his account, his life insurance policy became subject to lapse. Discover how Proformex helped keep the $2.5M policy inforce.

Case Study - Zaverl & Associates

See how Proformex helped to automate inforce policy management for a 40-year-old firm with a considerably sized book of business and helped identify new business opportunities.

Case Study - Lion Street

Lion Street implemented Proformex for consolidated inforce policy management. Now, they are delivering a better overall experience to their clients. See how.

Case Study - LifeTrust3D

Learn more about how LifeTrust3D has leveraged automated inforce policy management and fiduciary risk mitigation with Proformex to further scale their business.

Case Study - Equitable Advisors

Discover how Proformex helped an agent take corrective actions on an orphaned policy that was not meeting the client's performance expectations.

Interview - Marc Byrnes, Oswald Companies

Marc Byrnes, Chairman of Oswald Companies, discusses all the ways he believes the life insurance industry can improve, especially by adopting new technologies to drive value to clients.

Interview - Jon Pinney, KJK

Jon Pinney, Managing Partner of Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz, discusses the state of the life insurance industry and the growing need for technologies to automate cumbersome tasks and improve efficiencies.

Interview - Jamie Mendelsohn, Ashar Group

Jamie Mendelsohn, EVP of Ashar Group, shares her insights with us regarding the accessibility of important policy information and an established review process.

Interview - Jon Mendelsohn, Ashar Group

Jon Mendelsohn, CEO & Founder of the Ashar Group, discusses the need for increased specialization within the industry as well as the importance of proactively monitoring a policy performance.

Interview - Nick Bowman, Lion Street

Nick Bowman, Advanced Marketing Specialist of Lion Street, identifies some of the bigger challenges facing the industry today, such as a lack of transparency between agents and clients.

Interview - Bill Boersma, OC Consulting Group

Bill Boersma, Owner of the OC Consulting Group, emphasizes the importance of ongoing policy management and how not having a system in place allows things to slip through the cracks.

Interview - Marty Jensen, PMI Advisors

Marty Jensen, Chairman of PMI Advisors, discusses some of the unique instances he sees within his business working with family offices for comprehensive wealth management.

Interview - Richard Harris, Richard Harris LLC

Richard Harris, Owner of Richard Harris LLC, discusses the ways in which he protects his client’s policies from lapsing and how an inforce policy management platform like Proformex helps with that.

Interview - David Sterling, Sterling Capital

David Sterling, Principal of Sterling Capital Resources, discusses the importance of helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes and how leveraging technology can help.

Interview - Tom Bishop, The Bishop Company

Thomas Bishop, Owner of The Bishop Company LLC, shares his thoughts with us regarding the life insurance industry and the importance of a proactive approach to policy management.

Interview - Michael Seltzer, Verite Group

Michael Seltzer, Founding Member & Principal of Verite Group, discusses the importance of maintaining credibility and always doing the right thing for his clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Webcast - Jon Mendelsohn, Ashar Group

Proformex Founder Mike Pepe and Ashar Group Founder & CEO Jon Mendelsohn share their insights around the life insurance industry, specifically in regards to life settlements.

Webcast - Michael Seltzer, Verite Group

Founding Member & Principal of Verite Group Michael Seltzer chats with Profomex Founder Mike Pepe about the state of the industry and how premium financing provides a valuable option to policy owners.

Webcast - Tate Groome, LifeTrust3D

Tate Groome, President of LifeTrust3D, and Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex, share ideas and best practices around irrevocable life insurance trust management.

Webcast - Jim Purdy, Magna Life Settlements

Jim Purdy, Director of Agent Origination at Magna Life Settlements speaks with Proformex Founder Mike Pepe about the life settlement marketplace and what to expect in the future.

Webcast - Marty Jensen, Trust Protector, LLC

Marty Jensen of Trust Protector, LLC connects with Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex to talk about fiduciary duty, best interest standards, and the future of the life insurance industry relative to these regulations.

Webcast - Scott Weber, Lion Street

Scott Weber, VP of Practice Management and Technology, sits down with Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex, to talk about the challenges and opportunities with inforce policy management.

Webcast - Chad Neifer, inForce Insights

Founder of Proformex Mike Pepe sits down with Chad Neifer, Founder of inForce Insights to talk about ongoing inforce policy management and how to leverage technology to make it easier and more consistent.

Webcast - Tony Steuer, Author & Financial Awareness Advocate

Proformex Founder Mike Pepe interviews Author & Financial Awareness Advocate Tony Steuer about the history of the life insurance industry and the changes we're seeing today.

Webcast - Barry Flagg, Veralytic

Barry Flagg, Founder of Veralytic, chats with Proformex Founder Mike Pepe about the changing life insurance industry and what he thinks could still be improved in the future.

Webcast - Tom Gray, Employee Pooling

Proformex Founder Mike Pepe interviews Tom Gray, CEO of Employee Pooling about combining the power of technology with the power of human capital to improve business operations.

Webcast - Dustin Johnson, One Resource Group

Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex, and Dustin Johnson, EVP of Marketing and Operations at One Resource Group, share their thoughts around current trends in the life insurance industry.

Webcast - Gonzalo M. Garcia, CLU, AgencyONE

Gonzalo M. Garcia, CLU, Partner at AgencyONE chats with Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex, about the growing importance of inforce policy management and the future of our industry.

Webcast - Ken Leibow, InsurTech Express

Proformex Founder Mike Pepe interviews Ken Leibow, CEO & Founder of InsurTech Express, about his background in the life insurance industry and where he sees it going in the future.

Webcast - Dustin Johnson, One Resource Group

In our second webcast recording with Dustin Johnson, we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the life insurance industry.

Webcast - Randy Hester, Universal Insurance Group, LLC

In this webcast, our Customer Success Manager Max Posner interviews Randy Hester - Managing Member of Universal Insurance Group, LLC - about life insurance, COVID-19, and inforce policy management.

Video - Introduction to Proformex for General Agencies

With changes in state insurance regulations and increased product performance concerns, inforce policy management is becoming a major issue for the life insurance industry.

Video - Introduction to Premium Financing

Premium financing is a good option if you’re looking for alternatives to pay for those costly premiums. Watch this video to learn more about how premium financing could work for you.

Video - Introduction to Non-Professional Trustees

Since most non-professional trustees don't have insurance industry experience, many of them may be unaware of all the responsibilities entrusted to them as well as the potential for liability exposure.

Video - Introduction to Life Settlements

A life settlement is the sale of an unwanted policy to a third party for an amount that is higher than the policy's cash surrender value and lower than the death benefit. Watch this video to learn more.

Video - Introduction to Life Insurance Policy Reviews

Annual policy reviews are essential to ensuring that policyowners' expectations are met. But they're time consuming and costly. Watch this video to see how Proformex helps formalize and automate the process.

Video - Introduction to Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)

Whether you're a professional or non-professional trustee, you are held to strict fiduciary standards. Proformex can help you avoid unintended breach of those fiduciary duties.

Video - Best Interest Standards

Best interest standards are coming, and it's important to ensure your processes are compliant now before it's too late. Watch this video to learn more about how Proformex can help.

Video - Fiduciary Risk

Fiduciaries are obligated to always act in the best interest of their clients. The possibility of a fiduciary failing to do so is referred to as fiduciary risk. See how Proformex limits your exposure to fiduciary risk.

Video - Introduction to Succession Planning

In order for succession planning to be seamless, life insurance agents must have an established process that addresses the biggest concerns for potential buyers of their practice.

Video - How Technology is Changing Policyowner Expectations

Thanks to the advancement of technology, consumers have increased expectations for the products and service providers they use. This is no different for life insurance clients.

Video - Prospecting to Centers of Influence (COIs)

There are many ways to prospect for new business, and one of those tactics is by leveraging centers of influence (COIs). Watch our video below to learn how using Proformex can help you better prospect to COIs.

Video - Supporting Fiduciaries

Fiduciary obligation is one of the highest imposed by law. The possibility of breaching those duties is known as fiduciary risk. Discover how Proformex limits your exposure to that risk.

Video - The Proformex Advantage Program

The Proformex Advantage Program is the New Standard for Life Insurance Management for banks, law firms, CPA firms, trust departments, family offices, and foundations.

Video - Suitability

With new best interest standards regulations, producers must be able to demonstrate that their client recommendations and sales transactions are suitable. What criteria are used to define "suitable"?

Video - Captive vs. Non-Captive Agents

This video outlines some of the major differences between each agent type and demonstrate some of the ways our platform can support those agents who are transitioning from being captive to independent.

Video - Reinventing Life Insurance Distribution

The life insurance industry has proven to be one of the slowest industries to adopt and implement new technologies to improve the way we do business. Proformex is transforming our industry. See how.

Video - Policy Reviews Made Easy

Regardless of how many different life insurance carriers you contract with, Proformex can help securely consolidate all of your data and provide you with more consistent client reporting.

Video - Proformex Overview

Life insurance policies are valuable assets that must be proactively managed throughout the insured's lifetime. See how Proformex transforms and simplifies inforce policy management.

Video - Consolidated Portfolio View

When you work with multiple carriers, it can quickly become difficult to get a clear line of sight across your entire inforce book. See how our carrier and distribution agnostic platform can help.

Video - Best Interest Regulations for Financial Institutions

Best interest regulations are sweeping across the country. How can financial institutions best prepare for and adapt to the changing rules? See how in the video above.

Video - 5 Ways Proformex Leverages Technology, Industry Partners, and Data to Enhance Distribution

By combining a perfect mix of technology, partnerships, and data, Proformex is transforming life insurance distribution. Learn more in the video below.

Video - Whiteboard Wednesday with Kevin Kelley Part I

Our Sr. Life Insurance Specialist Kevin Kelley shares his insights regarding COVID-19 and the industry in our newest vlog series, Whiteboard Wednesdays.

White Paper - InForce Policy Management

Monitoring inforce life insurance policy performance relative to the original performance expectations can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be. See how Proformex can help.

White Paper - New Business Opportunities

Don’t wait until your annual reviews with your clients to find potential sales. Learn more about how Proformex can help you quickly identify these opportunities for easy sales.

White Paper - Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary duty is both a duty of loyalty and a duty of care. Since it's one of the highest obligations imposed by law, the potential consequences of failing to uphold this standard of care can be severe.

White Paper - Trustees Must Adhere to Strict Fiduciary Duties

Trustees are legally considered fiduciaries and are thus held to strict fiduciary duties. Managing trusts can be complicated and time-consuming enough as it is, but Proformex can help. See how.

White Paper - Fiduciary ILIT Responsibilities

There is a tremendous amount of responsibility tied to fiduciaries when it comes to irrevocable life insurance trusts. Automation of the tasks associated with Proformex can help.

White Paper - Non-Professional Trustees - ILIT Responsibilities

Even though most non-professional trustees are designated based on their personal relationships rather than life insurance experience, they are still legally held to the same standards as fiduciaries.

White Paper - Life Insurance Policy Reviews

Life insurance isn't likely to be top-of-mind for clients in most cases, so an annual policy review is recommended to catch any changes. See how Proformex supports policy reviews in our latest white paper.

White Paper - Life Insurance - What You Need to Know

From assessing your needs to understanding the multitude of product types within the life insurance realm, there's a lot of information that policy owners need to know.

White Paper - Non-Professional Trustees

When determining who should serve as a trustee, there's much to take into consideration. The person designated as such must be able to manage trust assets in an honorable, trustworthy manner.

White Paper - Policy Reviews

Annual policy reviews are time-consuming and costly. Imagine how you could reallocate your time and resources and put them to better use if you had a way to automate the policy review process.

White Paper - Succession Planning - How Technology Increases Business Valuations

As the insurance industry ages, it's important for independent insurance agents and brokers to consider their plans for their practices upon their retirement. See how Proformex can help.

White Paper - The Policy Review Dilemma

Due to its complex and time-consuming nature, most agents are not focusing their energy on ongoing policy performance monitoring. But policy monitoring is crucial to meeting policyowner expectations.

White Paper - Prospecting to COIs

There are a variety of sources for new clients that life insurance agents can leverage to build their business, and one of those sources is through Centers of Influence (COIs).

White Paper - How Technology is Changing the Policy Holder Experience

Policy owners have grown accustomed to technology in virtually every aspect of their lives, so why should life insurance policy management be any different?

Putting with Pepe - Meet David Morris, CMO

Meet our Chief Marketing Officer, David Morris. He and Mike chat about their background and the future of Proformex while taking a few puts outside First Energy Stadium in downtown Cleveland.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Kris Beck, CEO

In this episode of Putting with Pepe, our Chief Executive Officer Kris Beck shows off her strong short game and talks about her experience growing and scaling SaaS technology companies.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Chris Sullivan, CTO

Episode three of Putting with Pepe highlights our Chief Technology Officer Chris Sullivan. He and our founder Mike Pepe chat about the development of Proformex down on the Shoreway.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Patrick Sullivan, Director of Product Management

In our fourth episode of Putting with Pepe, Mike interviews Patrick Sullivan, our Director of Product Management. Patrick is focused on further developing our product to improve user experience.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Niko Kantouros, Head of Customer Success

Niko Kantourous, our Head of Customer Success, is as Cleveland as it gets. He and our founder Mike Pepe chat outside of Baker Mayfield's home, First Energy Stadium in downtown Cleveland.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Bill Leonard, CFO

In episode 7 of our Putting with Pepe series, learn more about our CFO Bill Leonard, his background, and his love for the city of Cleveland.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Ryan Tuley, Director of Inside Sales

 In the 8th episode of our series, you'll meet Ryan Tuley, our Director of Inside Sales here at Proformex. Learn more about Ryan and his background in SaaS sales in the video below.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Carmen Pepe, Associate Product Manager

 In episode 9, you'll get to meet the other beloved Pepe, Carmen! Carmen is one of our Associate Product Managers, and our Founder Mike is her husband. Hear more about Carmen's background in the video below.

Putting with Pepe - Meet Anthony Moeglin

Meet one of our Account Executives, Anthony Moeglin, in the 10th episode of our #PuttingWithPepe series!