About Proformex

Our Purpose

We believe in protecting policyowners and their beneficiaries above all else. Proformex was built to give the life insurance community the tools they need to better serve their policyowners and grow their business exponentially. We believe the tools in the life insurance technology marketplace should make things easier to do, not harder. And we know that advisors who sell life insurance and annuities have unique needs, so we are committed to meeting the needs of those advisors and giving them the information they need to help their clients make data-driven decisions that will ultimately enhance their outcomes.

Our Promise

Proformex will make it easier for the life insurance community to service clients and grow business. We will continually improve our software to make it more user-friendly and intuitive; we will make technological breakthroughs that will benefit the life insurance community; we will advocate to carriers on providing data in an efficient and scalable manner; and at the end of the day, we will make the entire industry more efficient and more profitable.

Our Values

The impact we seek to make on not just the life insurance community, but all communities that our team members belong to is aspirational and continuous. We are not just a company with nice-sounding values. The values we value are based on actions and behaviors of our team members that contribute to the entire organization’s strength, integrity, and growth.


Our team embraces risk and change with courage. We continuously ask ourselves “what else?” and “what next?”.


We do what we say we’ll do because we value character. We want our partners, teammates, customers, and peers all to know they can trust us to be authentic and transparent no matter what.

    Give First

Proformex team members lead by asking, “how can I help?” and listen to understand others’ needs to see where we can help create exceptional experiences.


“For me, taking a proactive approach and doing policy reviews was the best way to ensure that the products I sold were performing as intended. But it was also done with a completely manual process that was very time-consuming and expensive to do. As the founder of Proformex, it has long been my passion to create a new standard for inforce management by leveraging technology to protect client outcomes and streamline the entire policy review process. From the beginning, the power of Proformex was built on collaboration.”

Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex