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Proformex is transforming the way the life insurance community sells and manages life insurance policies. By aggregating client data across multiple carriers, distributors, and product types, Proformex provides its users with:

  • Comprehensive book of business visibility
  • Streamlined policy review process
  • Opportunity and risk identification
  • Inforce intelligence and analytics
  • Secure, centralized repository for client data
  • Scalable, sustainable post-sale policy servicing workflows

Proformex enables the life insurance community to take a proactive approach to inforce management whereby advisors and distributors are armed with objective data that tells them which policies need their attention most, and what they and their clients should consider in terms of corrective action for underperforming policies.

Ultimately, the Power of Proformex is that it is the only insurtech solution that aligns clients’ best interests and changing needs with advisor and distributor revenue growth.

“Proformex is a game-changer for me in that life insurance is something that still needs to be sold. I wanted to take the salesmanship out of it, and that’s what this system does. It’s not Randy Hester, or Joe Smith, or Susan Jones telling our policy holder “This is a better product”; it’s Proformex giving them a clear snapshot of what they have. Rather than approaching this from the perspective of a salesman, I can now approach my clients as an advisor, and Proformex gives me that credibility.”

Randy Hester, Managing Member, Universal Insurance Group, LLC

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“Proformex notifies us when a policy is in danger of lapsing, so we no longer have to rely on the client or the carrier to provide the policy details. Advisors can log into the platform and immediately see those policies that are at-risk of lapsing for one reason or another and dig right in to take corrective action before it’s too late.”

Joslyn Druvenga, Vice President of CBS Brokerage, LLC.

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“Proformex helps us keep our clients at ease. They know that in addition to our diligence, we have another layer of security with Proformex continuously monitoring the performance of the policies in our care.”

Bob Larkins, CLU, ChFC, Managing Partner at Larkins & Larkins, LLC.

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