Founder's Story


Mike Pepe, the founder of Proformex, has two and a half decades of experience in the life insurance industry and thoroughly understands how important it is to protect families and legacies. As he built a successful life insurance practice, he discovered that over time, unmonitored costs of insurance, premium and crediting rate fluctuations could erode policy values and result in a premature policy lapse. He grew increasingly fixated on a single objective: protecting the policy owner’s interests by proactively monitoring the policy performance throughout the insured’s life.

Once Mike architected the robust, but manual process for assessing policy performance, he knew a digital solution was needed to simplify and automate the process to protect as many policy owners as possible. Mike assembled the talent to bring his vision to life. Thus, the Proformex platform was born, providing the speed and accuracy to help agents, trustees, insureds and other policy related advisors manage, track, monitor and analyze policies to ensure that their insurance contracts are performing as intended.