Platform Security

Proformex ensures that your data is encrypted, safe, and always available.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security and Data Privacy


Proformex has designed and implemented an Information Security Program that combines complementary technologies, processes, and controls to protect the Customer and Policy Owner information we employ to provide our service.

We have designated a full-time Information Security Officer who is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the Proformex Information Security Program, overseeing all data privacy and information security related policies, standards, controls, and procedures.

For more information, download our latest Information Security Summary here, or visit our Contact Us page to send us any questions or concerns.


Enterprise Encryption

Proformex employs advanced encryption technology across our systems to secure Customer data at rest, in transit, and throughout the information use lifecycle.


System Monitoring and Penetration Testing

Sophisticated monitoring and anomaly detection mechanisms play a behind-the-scenes role in identifying potentially disruptive activity within our infrastructure, to help assure system integrity as well as uptime. Findings are reviewed, prioritized, and remediated as needed. Regular penetration testing ensures that our platform is secure even as we add new features for our customers.


Access Controls and Privacy

Access to sensitive information is limited to authorized personnel who require it in order to perform their duties; all employees who have access to sensitive information are trained in data privacy and information security. To assure a secure and convenient login experience for our Customers, Proformex has partnered with Okta to manage access to the Proformex platform. Internal Proformex software development policies and standards build security and privacy in at each stage of our platform development process.



To reinforce our internal vulnerability management program, Proformex works closely with our technology partners and other third parties to proactively identify and remediate potential risks to our systems. Extensive internal and third party testing of our security controls and incident response protocols helps our Customers remain confident that Proformex’s security measures are effective.


Dynamic Data Management

Proformex recognizes that today’s world is changing faster than before. Insurance and financial services are no different and as new information becomes available, an organization may want to update pricing, release new products, or allow new mid-term adjustments to cater to customer needs and react appropriately to risk changes. Proformex’s dynamic data model allows organizations to make changes and let us worry about housekeeping and data management.