Bridging the Data Gap
in Life Insurance Markets

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Outdated technology and inaccessible data cause billions in lost value annually

For too long, the insurance industry has relied on outdated technology and non-existent processes, meaning companies who can benefit from data cannot access it. Legacy systems and data infrastructure prevent institutions and policy and annuity owners from understanding asset value and result in billions in lost value each year. 

Giving you access to data and tools never before seen

As an end-to-end solution, Proformex standardizes policy and contract level data and offers fully integrated analytics and reporting tools, transforming how protection assets can be managed & monetized and how you can engage with your clients.

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We transform raw data into trusted data

Proformex wrangles and curates data across sources to show our customers as many as 500 different data points on a single policy and in an easy-to-read format. We process 4 million data points daily to provide unmatched insights and consistent reporting.

We turn data into actionable insights

Data access is only part of the solution. We provide market and business insights and intelligence unique to the industry. Analytics, reporting, and notifications bring this information to you so you can act where and when it matters most.

We curate market intelligence not found anywhere else

Proformex is a neutral, agnostic platform. We see industry trends about what’s being sold, how product types perform, policy funding, and real-world payment behavior. We can make predictions for future trends and empower you to make the right decisions for your business.

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Meet Our Chief Technology Officer,
Dr. Amanda Yoho

"We've worked hard to understand how to get the data, how to make sense of the data, and how to use that data to empower you, wherever you may fit within the industry, to be more successful. And that success is something you define in your own terms – whether you want to be more proactive in managing inforce assets or generate more revenue, our platform supports you in achieving what matters to you at your pace."

~ Dr. Amanda Yoho, CTO