The Proactive InForce Policy Management Solution

The Reactive Problem:

69%of all policies have not been reviewed in the past  5 years
20%of those policies are likely to lapse in the next 3–7 years
40%of all trust owned life insurance  non-guaranteed policies will lapse during the insured’s lifetime

What is Proformex?

Since its founding, Proformex has focused on a single objective: to proactively identify problems with inforce life insurance policies, helping to protect policies against lapse, degradation and asset erosion.

Our powerful, on-demand platform is built to assist trusted advisors in monitoring, tracking and ongoing management of their clients' life insurance policies. By proactively monitoring policies against defined performance criteria, the solution provides actionable insights and uncovers opportunities resulting from advanced identification of at-risk policies, term conversions and policy lapses.

Whether you are an agent, advisor, trustee or fiduciary, Proformex can help you improve your post-sale client service, minimize fiduciary risk and uncover new opportunities with existing clients.

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