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Proformex is the only scalable platform for holistic, proactive management of protection assets.

An end-to-end digital solution maximizing value from your inforce business by connecting you and your teams to critical, actionable data in one centralized platform. Enhance overall value of client relationships and mitigate policy and reputational risk. Create new opportunities for revenue growth. Our solution empowers banks, broker-dealers, distributors, and independent advisors with unmatched data-driven insights and client engagement tools you need. Protect your clients’ investments in insurance assets and grow your business at the same time.


From Industry Insider to Innovator

Throughout his 25 years of producer experience, our founder grew increasingly fixated on a single objective: the need to protect policyowners' best interests by proactively monitoring life insurance policy performance throughout the insured's life to ensure a positive client outcome.

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"Proformex has built a platform that really drives value to us as distributors and ultimately provides us the opportunity to be a better partner to the advisors we work with. The technology offers those advisors opportunities for enhanced policy owner service through proactive inforce policy management. It offers peace of mind to advisors and their clients alike that policy performance is being monitored; in other words, there should be no unfortunate surprises like a sudden premium increase."

~ Gonzalo Garcia, Partner at AgencyONE

"Proformex is a gamechanger for me in that life insurance is something that still needs to be sold. I wanted to take the salesmanship out of it, and that’s what this system does. It’s not Randy Hester, or Joe Smith, or Susan Jones telling our policy holder “This is a better product”; it’s Proformex giving them a clear snapshot of what they have. Rather than approaching this from the perspective of a salesman, I can now approach my clients as an advisor, and Proformex gives me that credibility."

~ Randy Hester, Managing Member, Universal Insurance Group

"We have combined our years of consulting experience with Proformex’s technology to provide an industry-leading solution to our clients."

~ G. Tate Groome CFP CLU AEP, Managing Partner, Life Trust3D

"At this point in time, if you’re not doing inforce policy reviews for your clients, you are irresponsibly selling life insurance & annuities."

~ H. Schulman, Sagemark Consulting

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