Post-Sale Servicing & Client Engagement Tool for Life Insurance

Consolidate all your clients and policies into one carrier-agnostic platform and get a holistic view of your book through a single login. Leverage configurable alerts and notifications to efficiently identify risks and opportunities that create meaningful client conversations and mutually beneficial outcomes.


Drive the Right Action at the Right Time 

Comprehensive visibility allows you to see everything you’ve sold across all carriers and products in one place. Track policies and contracts to client needs. Identify risks and opportunities that create meaningful engagements with your clients. Analytics, custom reporting, and intelligence let you find and prioritize the most critical opportunities to enhance client engagements and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Save Time and Improve Client Service

Our system streamlines workflows so you spend less time waiting on carriers and have information updated regularly. We let you focus on creating meaningful engagements with your clients while delivering proactive service to meet their needs.  

Create Meaningful Client Interactions

Drive meaningful engagements with reporting your clients will understand without spending hours on admin. Our reporting tools simplify the sales process so you can capitalize on new revenue opportunities within your business – upsells, cross-sells, new product sales, and referrals.

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Uncovering Hidden Sales Opportunities and Reducing Risk Exposure with Proformex

What Insights Does Proformex Uncover for You?


Premium Due Dates

Proformex will notify users of policies that are approaching a scheduled premium payment so they can ensure their client is aware and prepared for their next premium.


Term Opportunities

Proformex will identify policies approaching an upcoming conversion or term period end date so that users can discuss options to continue coverage with their clients.


Premature Lapse

Proformex will order the necessary information on a regular basis so you know well ahead of time if a policy is off track and lapsing earlier than intended.



Proformex will alert users to upcoming contract anniversaries to support regular checkpoints and reviews with important clients.



Proformex will identify policies that may require additional action by the policy owner in order to maintain existing coverage, based on in-house analytics.


And More

Our platform is highly configurable and can surface other actionable information. From policy age, to high-valued policies, to VULs that need to be looked after, Proformex can support your use case.

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Hear it From Our Customers

York International Agency used Proformex to grow their life insurance portfolio (generating tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue in just three months) and simplify their day-to-day operations.

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Simple Steps, Big Results.

We’ve removed the guesswork from proactive management of protection assets. Get started with core data points. Then, we simplify everything so you’re ready to engage your clients. Your dedicated customer success team will be with you at every step to ensure you’re getting the results you need.


Gather Core
Data Points


Platform Set Up
and Training


Drive Client Engagement
and Value

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