Four Foundational Elements of Ongoing, Proactive Client and Policy Servicing

85% of term policies and 88% of universal life policies will expire, lapse, or be surrendered before a death benefit is paid. Learn how proactive policy servicing prevents this from happening to your clients.


Life insurance servicing has historically been a reactive, manual process. Advisors only become aware that there’s a problem with a policy they sold if the owner receives a notice from the carrier and then calls that advisor directly. Often by that time, it’s unfortunately too late to take corrective action.

To ensure that death benefits promised become death benefits paid, advisors need to adopt a proactive policy and client servicing plan. They need to be able to find and prioritize potential risks before they turn into client disasters.

Read our founder’s newest white paper to learn more about the four elements an advisor needs for their servicing to be successful.

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Download our white paper to discovery why proactive, ongoing client and policy servicing is the only way to ensure the best possible outcomes for policyowners and beneficiaries.