Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Fleeting Nature of Opportunity in Your Inforce Book

In life insurance the only constant is change – changes in policy performance, changes in your clients’ lives. How are you monitoring for those changes to both avoid catastrophes and capitalize on opportunities for your policyowners?


It doesn’t take long for a policy to fall off-track. Without a proactive strategy in place for ongoing performance monitoring, you’re forced to react to potential disasters when it’s already too late to do anything to stop them.

And if you don’t have your data consolidated in a secure, centralized location, it’s really easy to miss important deadlines like term conversion period end dates. Once that window of opportunity closes, there’s no reopening it.

It’s essential to monitor for and manage these exceptions for the sake of your clients’ happiness first and foremost, but did you know there’s also a ton of revenue growth opportunity available to you when you’re keeping a closer watch on all these moving parts? Download our latest white paper to learn more about the benefits of a proactive, manage by exception strategy.

Download the White Paper

Learn how to quickly identify the risks and opportunities within your current book of business and take action on them before it’s too late.