5 Tips to Avoid Data Overload

If you sell products through multiple distributors and carriers, you know it can be challenging to get a holistic view of your business. These tips will spare you from data overload.


Anyone who has been in the independent life insurance business for a while has amassed a large number of inforce policyowners from a number of insurers. Somewhere along the way, you probably had grand ideas of how you would service these policyowners and create a pool of repeat buyers and referrals to others.

Then reality hit you smack in the face – you’ve created your own service nightmare that prevents you from delivering on your service hopes and aspirations. You have two dozen carrier websites you have to navigate to get information on the policies. Multi-factor authentication approaches make it challenging for staff to get access to the websites. Nothing is in the same place or called the same thing. You can’t get the same data on every website. Staff has to spend hours navigating sites to stay on top of policies.

There’s too much fragmented information strewn across too many locations. It’s frustrating them, frustrating you and preventing you from delivering on your service goals. So how can you possibly make things better? Here are 5 tips to help you and your staff avoid data overload.

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Using these 5 tips, you can simplify how you service policies and further strengthen your client relationships with a new level of excellent service.