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Captive vs. Non-Captive Agents

Sep 26, 2019 12:18:42 PM

When it comes to being either a captive agent or an independent agent, both offer different benefits and come with different challenges. In our video below, we outline some of the major differences between each agent type and demonstrate some of the ways our platform can support those agents who are transitioning from being captive to independent. Check it out!


As a captive agent, you built your practice around providing exceptional expertise and policy service.Representing a single life insurance carrier afforded you the ability to:
  • Gain in-depth knowledge across all products your company offered;
  • Direct visibility into your book of business and;
  • Provide on-going in-force policy service
Transitioning to an independent agent provides you the opportunity to:
  • Expand your carrier and product offerings;
  • Find and recommend the most appropriate products for your clients’ needs and;
  • Introduce carrier competition to ensure most favorable underwriting offers are secured
Being an independent agent has many advantages, but it also creates additional administrative complexities. Proformex is a single, secure, carrier agnostic software platform that helps you
  • Grow revenue from existing and new prospects;
  • Comply with client best interest practices & regulations and;
  • Reduce costs by automating back-office administration

To learn more about how Proformex supports independent agents, visit our website. visit this resource article.


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