Four Ways to Avoid Being Forced Into Missing Client Engagement Opportunities

The insurance world is ganging up on you to prevent you from engaging with your client. Preposterous?
Perhaps, but you should at least hear us out before dismissing the premise.


Clients will call you when they have a question, need a change, or don’t understand a letter they received. You’ll get annual statements and transaction confirmations – but you may also get quarterly statements, lapse pending, or billing notices.

With this mass of interactions, something is going to get relegated to the back seat. What is it in your organization? Do you stop following up on lapse pending notices? Do you ignore annual statements? Or, do you get so lost in the mountain of paper, email, and web communications that you fail to be proactive in your client communications on things like term conversion opportunities or reaching out to identify new needs?

If you don’t manage your interactions, your interactions will manage you! You must be more efficient and selective while still meeting any regulatory and ethical requirements. Your marketing interaction and relationship strengthening opportunities can’t take the back seat to privacy notices and routine transaction confirmations.

While you can’t stop the deluge of material headed your way, you can avoid letting it control you. Discover four effective strategies in this white paper.

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Using these four strategies, you can beat the odds to maximize meaningful engagement across your entire client roster.