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Reinventing Life Insurance Distribution

Nov 1, 2019 3:04:23 PM

The life insurance industry has proven to be one of the slowest industries to adopt and implement new technologies to improve the way we do business. But Proformex is changing that and bringing a hybrid human-technology model to the marketplace, transforming the way life insurance distribution is done. Learn more in the short video below!


After decades of limited innovation, life insurance distribution is rapidly evolving - shifting toward a more hybrid human and technology distribution model to reinvigorate agencies by providing client-focused solutions, driving administrative efficiencies, and addressing inforce books of business concerns.

This hybrid distribution model is empowered by technology that is transforming digital policy information delivery with analytics-enabled performance monitoring, and providing a new end-to-end experience focused on addressing clients' holistic needs throughout their lifetimes. 

The good news is that given the complex nature of many life insurance products and the emotional component often involved in the buying process, agent interaction to facilitate sales will continue to play a significant role. 

The bad news is that reinvigorating distribution can require significant amounts of innovation and investment in new technology to boost overall effectiveness. 

Learn how Proformex can help you transform your practice while saving you time and money by visiting our website.

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