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Creating Meaningful Client Engagement with Proformex [VIDEO]

May 1, 2023 2:09:41 PM


As an advisor, your relationships with your clients are everything. 

But how do you stay engaged with clients and keep them informed of critical policy dates and deadlines? 

Enter Proformex. Our post-sale servicing and engagement tool for life insurance helps you stay on top of your clients' policy anniversaries, premium payment due dates, and more. 

With Proformex alerts, you can proactively engage clients with personalized reminders and stay top of mind for future business opportunities. 

Whether it's sending a friendly reminder about a premium payment due date or reaching out ahead of a policy anniversary, these meaningful touchpoints can make all the difference in building long-term relationships. 

By leveraging intelligent insights from Proformex, you can create a superior client experience that sets you apart from the competition. 

Create meaningful client engagement opportunities with Proformex alerts. Visit our website today to learn more. 

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