Turning Insights into Meaningful Client Engagement and Preventing Lapsation

For the first time in this industry, we’re amassing a tremendous network of data and analyzing it for observations that will help you and your teams sell and service life insurance and annuities better than ever before. Check out our latest findings regarding lapse pending policy trends.


In an industry where access to current information is a challenge, taking timely, data-driven action on a client’s behalf is a powerful business differentiator. A policyowner falling into grace period on their policy is one of the most critical moments for engagement to protect policyowners and their beneficiaries. Bringing these two together, understanding how policies in a book of business are lapsing and having insight into what that means for a policyowner can drive some of the most meaningful interactions between an advisor and their clients.

Using a de-identified, aggregated dataset of over 800,000 policies across 30 carriers generated from the Proformex network of data, we can identify trends and insights for our customers around policies entering a lapse pending period.

Download our newest white paper to learn more about our findings.

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Data access and intelligent use of that data will transform the way financial professionals sell and service life insurance and annuities. Learn more from our latest white paper.