5 Reasons You Should be Monitoring Your Annuity Book of Business

A lot can change between the time an owner purchases an annuity and when they expect to realize the value from it. That’s why it’s important to monitor annuities on an ongoing basis, for both yours and your clients’ sake.


Annuities come in countless forms and fashions with all sorts of bells, buzzers, and whistles attached to them. Variety brings complexity as the details of the mechanics and features will fade from memory over time with even the best annuity experts. You simply can’t rely on memory to guide you, and it’s impractical to re-educate yourself on the specifics of a given contract every time you need to have a conversation about the annuity. You need to monitor and manage the annuities your clients own – for your benefit and theirs.

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There are many reasons to monitor and manage your annuity book of business. Proformex can help you stay on top of the annuities and bring greater satisfaction to your clients.