Life Settlements Are Only Useful if Policyowners Know They’re an Option

Life settlements, generally speaking, are widely misunderstood among consumers, and therefore are underutilized. This guide focuses on empowering policyowners with all the information they need to make the best decisions for their circumstances.


The life settlement market has come a long way, but there still seems to be a knowledge gap among policyowners today. It’s important to close that gap by empowering policyowners with all the information they need about all their options so that they can feel confident in their decisions relative to their life insurance coverage. While life settlements may not be the answer for everyone, it’s a powerful option to consider if a client is looking for alternative ways to get value from their policy.

We’ve compiled this guide that provides a historical overview of the life settlement market, explains the criteria by which policyowners may or may not qualify for a settlement, and highlights some of the reasons why an owner would choose to transact a settlement. Download it today and use it to guide future client conversations where applicable.

Download the White Paper

If you find it challenging to explain the option of life settlements to policyowners, download this white paper and use it as a guide.