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Introduction to Life Settlement

Dec 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Monitoring inforce life insurance performance relative to the original performance expectations can be a difficult task for agents, advisors, trustees and fiduciaries trying to protect their clients’ interests. Proformex was created to make InForce Policy Management easy. Our intuitive platform helps you monitor, analyze and manage the performance of your clients’ life insurance policies in a single, distribution-agnostic platform.


Did you know you could sell your life insurance policy for cash?

It’s called Life settlement and it’s the sale of an unwanted life insurance policy to a third party for
an amount that is higher than the policy's cash surrender value, and less than the death benefit.

Often, the life insurance policyholder has decided they can no longer keep it due to unaffordable
premiums or a change in life circumstances.

But rather than surrendering the policy or letting it lapse for no return, they can sell it for cash as a
life settlement.

Proformex is dedicated to helping anyone that is interested in learning more about life settlements.
Whether you no longer need the insurance, consolidating an estate plan, or just want to leave your
legacy during your lifetime.

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