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Supporting Fiduciaries with Proformex

Jun 21, 2019 10:46:00 AM

Fiduciary obligation is one of the highest imposed by law. The possibility of breaching those duties is known as fiduciary risk. See how automating your inforce performance monitoring with Proformex can help reduce your exposure to that risk in the video below!



Being a fiduciary means you have responsibilities that are ongoing and require constant oversight to ensure your client’s best interests are maintained.  Because your fiduciary obligation is one of the highest imposed by law, the implications of breaching those duties can be severe.

Assets in your care must be monitored regularly to ensure they remain appropriate.  Life insurance is no exception and needs to be properly managed just like any other asset.  Failure to do so will drastically increase your exposure to fiduciary risk and the likelihood that punitive action may be taken against you for the breaching of your duties.

Utilizing a proactive policy management solution that provides fiduciary, administrative, and product support will tremendously reduce your liability exposure and improve client outcomes.

Proformex has revolutionized how life insurance portfolios are monitored by providing fiduciaries with industry-leading technology that simplifies policy management while streamlining insurance advisor services.

To learn more about how Proformex reduces fiduciary risk, schedule a demo today.


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