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Policy Reviews - Made Easy

Jun 4, 2019 5:06:43 PM

Regardless of how many different life insurance carriers you contract with, Proformex can help securely consolidate all of your data and provide you with robust analytics, automated alerts and an overall better, more consistent client reporting experience. See how for yourself in the video below!




Not all life insurance carriers design and price their products the same.

Contracting with multiple carriers helps you select and recommend the most appropriate products for your client’s needs.

While this provides tremendous value to your policy owners, it also creates additional servicing complexities for you. Since each carrier utilizes their own internal policy systems, servicing policies effectively across multiple carriers requires a tremendous amount of time and manual work from you.

Proformex is simple and easy to use software that revolutionizes inforce life insurance policy management by rethinking how it’s done.

It consolidates your entire book of business, frees up your time and reduces your policy administrative costs by automating the request for inforce illustrations and annual statements, monitoring individual policy performance, creating client-ready policy reports, and generating consolidated policy alerts to track policy concerns and new business opportunities.

To learn more about how Proformex helps you save time, reduce cost, and make more money schedule a demo today.

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