5 Client Conversations for 2023

It’s time to start thinking about 2023 and how you can help your clients. This helpful guide offers 5 suggestions for conversations to have with your clients heading into the new year.


As the new year quickly approaches, it’s a good time to touch base with your clients to see if any of their coverage or financial needs have changed.

Proformex Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Pepe, has compiled a guide for independent agents and advisors to use with 5 examples of easy ways to initiate a meaningful conversation with your clients without coming across overtly salesy. With these conversations you can easily turn routine service into client relationship building interactions and new sales opportunities while ultimately keeping your clients’ best interests intact.

To see the 5 examples Mike shared, download our guide today.

Download the White Paper

Use this brief, helpful guide to know how to start meaningful conversations with your clients as we look toward the new year.