Carriers Offloading Policies to Private Equity

Carriers have been quietly offloading life insurance and annuities to private equity and venture capital firms. Why does it matter who owns your clients’ policies?


Whether through a reinsurance transaction or outright purchase, carriers are cleaning up their books in a reaction to sustained low interest rates, accounting changes on the horizon, and a focus on efficiency of capital deployment. Why should you care? In short, because the changes can carry a variety of risks for the policyowners you serve.

The best way to mitigate those risks is by staying informed. Timely, current policy performance insights can indicate early on whether a problem could be approaching for a client. Your ability to act proactively to prevent a client disaster before it strikes is predicated on whether you have access to up-to-date information on policy performance.

Read our latest white paper to learn more about the critical importance of staying informed and the tools available to help as our market continues to shift.

Download the White Paper

Download our white paper to learn more about what you can do to stay on top of market dynamics and protect your policyowners.