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Consolidated Portfolio View

Jan 24, 2020 11:39:21 AM

Do you find yourself struggling to get a clear line of insight across your entire portfolio? Our Founder, a former life insurance producer himself, experienced that challenge and built Proformex to solve that and provide a consolidated portfolio view. To see how it works, check out the video below! 


Selling policies from multiple Carriers helps you provide substantial value to your clients, but also makes it much harder to get a clear line of sight across your entire book of business. Ultimately, that causes poor portfolio visibility and insight.

As an insurance professional, your time is best spent prospecting and meeting with clients - not scouring tons of carrier websites and agent portals to monitor your inforce life insurance policies.

Proformex is a single, secure, carrier agnostic inforce management platform that provides complete visibility across your entire book of business, helping you:

  • Grow Revenue from existing clients and new prospects
  • Comply with client best interest practices & regulations
  • Reduce Costs by automating back- office administration
  • Present client policy data as a complete portfolio
  • Deliver uniform and consistent individual policy reviews

To learn more about how Proformex gives you comprehensive portfolio visibility and provides proactive policy monitoring, visit our website and schedule a demo.



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