Accelerating Growth with Data & Analytics


What You'll Learn

As a member of the life insurance community, you’re likely keenly aware of the rising demands by consumers and our industry for better transparency. And perhaps you’ve never thought about this as being a data access problem, but here’s why you should.

We know that as-sold data and point-of-sale illustrations represent an ideal scenario – what a policyowner hopes to get out of the policy they’re purchasing. But as life circumstances change, we know we can’t rely on this outdated information to be persistently true. It’s critical to regularly review policy performance and measure it against client expectations in order to maintain that client’s best interests. It’s impossible to do this without access to accurate, up-to-date information.

The life insurance community needs a centralized location for inforce data to be aggregated across disparate sources. Having that single system of record with data that is refreshed on a consistent basis enables you (or if you’re a distributor, your advisors) to better serve your policyowners and more confidently and sustainably grow your business. Download the white paper to learn more about the Proformex team’s expertise in data analytics and how it can ultimately benefit you.

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