A New Framework for Proactive Management

For banks, broker-dealers, and other financial institutions, life insurance is a valuable tool in the financial, wealth, and protection planning offered to their clients. As an asset class, though, life insurance is undermanaged and under-monetized.


Why is life insurance undermanaged and under-monetized?

Information needed to track performance is fragmented and incomplete. Products are too nuanced and too complex for easy client conversations. There are too many policies, making it hard to know where to start. For some financial institutions, it’s just not a big enough part of the business.

Individual policies, once sold, are often neglected, and the policy’s original objectives are not monitored to ongoing client needs. This creates a problem at the individual policy—or micro—level.

In the macro, though, the policies an institution has inforce are neither managed nor monetized like other financial instruments. Historically, the information, technology, and solutions available have failed to help institutions include life insurance in the comprehensive planning conversations ongoing with clients.

Yet, these books of business—with thousands to hundreds of thousands of policies—represent billions in client assets, billions in future AUM, and billions in potential value for financial institutions.

What if there was a strategy to connect financial institutions and their teams to the data, insights, and client engagement tools needed to create value from this information, monetize new opportunities, and reduce risk?

Read our latest white paper to learn more about the new framework for proactive management that may help you and your team solve these challenges and unlock tremendous growth.

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Learn more about how you can implement a new framework for proactive management to treat life insurance like an asset class and expand the holistic nature of wealth, financial, and protection planning for your clients.