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Proformex ROI

Jan 3, 2020 10:29:03 AM

Analyzing the ROI of any purchase can be an important decision-making factor, but this is especially true when it comes to software. In the video below, see how some Proformex customers generate up to a 300% ROI on their purchase of our platform. 


Thinking beyond dollars and cents is important to enhance your firm’s reputation.

Protecting your client’s best interest by actively monitoring their life insurance policies sends a clear message that their needs continue to be your priority. 

While proactive policy management improves long-term client relationships and helps attract new customers, its ROI should be analyzed to make sure the costs are manageable.  

Return on Investment or ROI is a performance measurement used to evaluate the return on an investment, relative to its cost. 

Historically, the ROI on inforce policy monitoring has not been favorable due to the time and cost commitments associated with ongoing policy management. But Proformex has changed that, turning a loss leader into a revenue maker.  

It is not uncommon for our customers to potentially generate an annual 300% or more ROI on their Proformex platform purchase.

Visit our website to schedule a demo and get your customized Proformex ROI analysis.


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