4 Things Every Advisor Should Be Asking Their Clients

Don’t let your clients’ life insurance policies become forgotten assets. Ask your clients these four questions about their coverage periodically.


Thinking about life insurance coverage probably isn’t at the top of your clients’ priority list. And if you manage other parts of their financial portfolio – stocks, retirement accounts, etc. – it might not be at the top of yours either. You both have a lot that demands your attention on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and some items naturally and unintentionally retreat to the furthest corners of your mind.

But life insurance policies are protection assets that require ongoing monitoring to ensure the coverage originally purchased is still appropriate for the policyowner. There’s typically quite a large gap between when coverage is purchased and when it’s needed, and a lot can happen in that multi-decade window of time.

In our latest white paper, our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Pepe, shares four simple questions every advisor should be routinely asking their clients about their life insurance coverage to ensure it continues to meet their objectives.

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Download our white paper to learn (or revisit) four essential questions every advisor should be asking their clients on a regular basis.