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Prospecting to Centers of Influence (COIs)

Nov 26, 2019 2:04:25 PM

There are many ways to prospect for new business, and one of those tactics is by leveraging centers of influence (COIs). Watch our video below to learn how implementing leading technology like Proformex can help you better prospect to COIs. 


Successful prospecting is the key to increased revenues. Aside from client referrals, working through centers of influence clearly delivers the most desirable types of prospects. Advisors who distinctly define their area of specialization are more referrable in the eyes of COIs. Providing intrinsic value that strengthens COI's relationships will provide you additional credibility and will reduce the time it takes to start generating referrals from them. 

Introducing Proformex to COIs is a differentiator that positions you as a life insurance specialist that can provide banks, law firms, trust departments, family offices and foundations with tremendous and immediate value for themselves and for their clients. 

Proformex is an inforce policy monitoring and management platform designed to lower COI's administrative cost, save them valuable time, reduce their fiduciary liability exposure, and support their trustees' duties while delivering their clients a world-class policyowner experience. 

To learn how Proformex can help get more referrals from COIs, visit our website.

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