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Why Insurance Agents and Wealth Advisors Should Use Proformex

Aug 22, 2023 9:30:00 AM

Why should an insurance agent or wealth advisor use Proformex?

It is a very simple question, with a very simple answer.

To be more efficient, more productive and to provide the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Can a pilot fly a plane without having the air traffic controller? Of course. But the air traffic controller makes sure the pilot has information to make informed decisions, protecting everyone on board.

Can a basketball team win a championship without a head coach? 100%. But the coach usually sees the bigger picture and makes the appropriate adjustments so the players can perform at their peak.

The list goes on and on.

Anyone with a life insurance license can sell a policy – but Proformex makes managing and servicing those policies much easier.

Manual tasks become more streamlined.

Managing multiple usernames and passwords for carrier websites become ONE Proformex login to see your entire book of business.

Being alerted on specific policies means nothing will slip through the cracks.

Just like our friends at Wiseman & Associates Wealth Management - Tom explains in the video interview that using a massive Excel spreadsheet was one challenge - and going to carrier websites to get updated information was another. From there, feeding that into Salesforce created a number of manual tasks.

Whether you have been trusted to look after someone’s life insurance policy, or you’ve trusted someone to look after your policy, wouldn’t using the best tool available be the right way to go?

Because let’s be honest, you want the pilot having access to the air traffic controller, and you want the best coach available for your team, right?

Written by Phil Tesar

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