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Post-Sale Client & Management Tool for Life Insurance

Aug 16, 2023 2:40:44 PM

I get asked a lot, even from people in the life insurance industry...what even is Proformex? And I respond with the same 10-20 second elevator pitch that then leads to even more questions.

When I took this interaction back to the incredible team at Proformex, they put together a one-sheeter that clearly explains what we do, the benefits, and the value of having a system like Proformex!

For anyone in the industry that sells life insurance, you should have something in place to look after these policies. Your clients deserve as such! And, I may be biased, but there is no other system out there that can do what Proformex does as quickly, efficiently, and with as many features to help streamline what can be a tedious process. So, if you haven't looked at Proformex in a while, or have never even heard about us, read the information below and let me know your thoughts!


Written by Max Posner

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