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Proformex Launches PolicyGuard for Policy Event-Driven Marketing at Scale

Nov 1, 2023 11:44:20 AM

Sizzling marketing engagement solution to activate your clients and create new opportunities to grow your business 

CLEVELAND, Ohio – November 1, 2023 – Proformex, the only end-to-end digital solution connecting financial professionals to critical, actionable data in their life and annuity businesses, announced today its newest innovation: PolicyGuard.  

PolicyGuard, a new client engagement solution, reimagines how the insurance market interacts with its business by automating engagement based on specific policy and life milestones and events. Combining data and technology, PolicyGuard will boost your engagement strategy by letting you create automated and personalized alerts, policy-event notifications, and smart interactions at scale across your business. With PolicyGuard, teams can connect to data like never before, automate and personalize client engagement, and create new sales opportunities – all while better protecting their policy owners and their families.  

“PolicyGuard has flipped our client engagement strategy on its head,” said Tony Wilson, EVP of One Resource Group, and an early adopter of the program. “It saves my team time on manual, one-to-one outreach on these opportunities. Within weeks, we had a pipeline of nearly 150 open cases we wouldn’t have known about without PolicyGuard. These are engaged advisors and policy owners coming to us ready to act. It has been a tremendous success and we’re looking forward to continuing the program for years to come!” 

Kris Beck, CEO of Proformex added: “PolicyGuard is the natural next step in Proformex’s evolution – driving even more connectivity, action, and results from critical data. I am incredibly proud of the work our team accomplished to make PolicyGuard a reality. I am also grateful to our beta partners who helped us shape this latest innovation before bringing it to the market. The industry has needed a simple, scalable, and automated way to create personalized touchpoints, and their feedback has been instrumental in helping us develop it. The results we’ve seen so far speak for themselves and represent something so much bigger than lead generation; PolicyGuard really is about protecting clients’ investments in insurance, so their families have the coverage they need when they need it.” 

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About PolicyGuard 

PolicyGuard connects data so you can connect to your clients. Combining data and technology, PolicyGuard lets you create automated and personalized alerts, policy-event notifications, and smart interactions at scale across your business. With PolicyGuard, your teams will connect to data like never before, leverage critical information to create better client experiences, and generate new sales opportunities—all while better protecting policy owners and the people they care about. 

About Proformex 

Proformex is a data and technology platform purpose-built for financial professionals and institutions to manage life insurance and annuity assets. With deep data and technology expertise, Proformex connects customers to critical information about their life insurance and annuity businesses and helps them make better informed, data-driven decisions. With Proformex, financial professionals have the technology tools needed to proactively manage life insurance and annuities and enhance value for their clients.

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