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New Year, New Platform Enhancements

Jan 8, 2019 8:37:01 PM

Proformex designed a new platform for increased user-friendliness and navigability

CLEVELAND, Ohio – January 9, 2018 – Proformex, creator of a proactive life insurance policy monitoring platform designed to give insurance agents, advisors and fiduciaries better oversight and visibility into the performance of in force life insurance policies, today announced the release of its latest platform enhancements.

The new platform for life insurance distributors and agents was designed with user experience top of mind. Users will find the Proformex software much easier to navigate, implement and utilize. Additionally, Proformex added a new automation tool, Proformex Automation, that automates the process of ordering illustrations for agents. This platform streamlines the annual policy review process and saves agents the time and hassle of having to spend hours on the phone with carriers trying to get the statements and illustrations they need.

“With all these changes to our platform, customizable client-ready policy reviews can be generated and accessed more easily,” said Chris Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer of Proformex. “What hasn’t changed is the level of excellent service and support you can expect from our team.”

Just like before, users will still be able to view their entire portfolio at a glance and quickly determine which policies need their attention and action to remain in force.

About Proformex

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and founded in 2016, Proformex is the provider of on-demand, SaaS solutions to life insurance policy owners, beneficiaries, insurance agents and fiduciaries. Designed to proactively alert customers of potential problems with their life insurance policies, Proformex protects policies against lapsing, degradation and asset erosion. By monitoring five key contract parameters - lapse age, death benefit, premium, crediting rate and Comdex – Proformex offers better portfolio oversight and control.

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