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Living Our Values and Aspiring to Help People Help People: Part II, Providing Certainty and Comfort in Uncertain Times

Apr 2, 2020 10:19:47 AM

As mentioned in Tuesday’s blog post, we wanted to share more detail around four aspirations we have as an organization to be helpful to our customers and their clients in this unprecedented time. The first way in which we are aspiring to help is by ensuring certainty and comfort.

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Customers buy insurance to provide certainty in uncertain times, for comfort, protection, and peace of mind.

But everything about today’s climate is uncertain: personal health, family health, public health, financial markets, personal finances, job markets, and much more.

Proformex provides visibility into your full book of business, spanning multiple carriers and products to help you quickly understand policy health and performance. This lets you provide clients with transparent, critical information about their insurance asset.

If the policy is performing to expectations and meeting client needs, knowing so can provide clients with the assurance and peace of mind their needs are being met.

If the client’s situation has changed suddenly, or the policy needs addressed, being able to have this conversation now is crucial during volatile times.    

Regardless of the situation, there is comfort in knowing what to do. Proformex helps you make this possible.

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