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Announcing Our New Logo and Look!

Sep 20, 2018 8:36:13 AM

Have you noticed anything different about us lately? By now, you should have! But if you didn’t yet, don’t worry; we promise not to engage in a weeks-long passive aggressive standoff with you over it.

The Proformex website has been completely revamped and revitalized with YOU in mind. It’s now more secure, more informative, and more helpful than ever before. Our team has added a variety of resources to the site to help fiduciaries and trustees learn more about the reactive problem plaguing the life insurance industry and the potentially disastrous consequences faced by policy owners.

What’s more important than the resources themselves is their accessibility. It’s our mission to revolutionize the life insurance industry by empowering fiduciaries, agents and trustees with the support and tools they need to become more proactive in their inforce policy management. And now, thanks to our new, more intuitive web design, all the information and resources you’ll need are just a few clicks away. Pair this with the ongoing excellent customer service you’re used to receiving, and you’ve got everything you need for better oversight and control of your assets.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our rebranded website today!

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