Inforce Management for Financial Institutions

"Quite frankly, I’m not sure how any financial advisor establishes fiduciary compliance without a system of record like Proformex. If it weren’t for the peace of mind it gives me knowing all my client-related documentation is in one place, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable selling life insurance and annuity products."
~ Pete Warren, Warren Private Wealth


Connecting Visibility to Fiduciary Compliance

Establish Fiduciary Compliance
Leverage Data & Analytics
Mine Your Book
Reclaim Your Time

You need fiduciary compliant processes

System of RecordSystem of Record

The first and most critical step to maintaining compliance is having an established system of record to document all relevant client and policy contract information.

Mitigated Risk ExposureMitigated Risk Exposure

Establishing fiduciary compliant processes and procedures elevates your client service, mitigates your risk exposure, and can help prevent costly litigation.

Downline Value AddScalability

In a shifting regulatory environment, you need the security that your processes are not only compliant, but also scalable whether you have 300 inforce policies or 300,000.

You need access to robust inforce data and insights

Single Source of InfoSingle Source of Truth

By leveraging one secure system of record to store all your data, you’re saving yourself the time and trouble of tracking it down and organizing it manually across the various sources.

VisibilityMacro-level Visibility

Proformex offers macro-level views of your entire policy portfolio and client-level details of a specific policy, which lets you manage your portfolio in a simple, sustainable way.


A centralized location to document inforce data helps you better manage workflows with your BGA partners and eliminates the need to email sensitive client information, thereby enforcing compliance.

You need a better way to mine your book

Opportunity IdentificationOpportunity Identification

Quickly identify revenue generating options clients can choose to execute like term conversions, improved pricing versus an existing policy, enhanced guarantees or more.

Manage by ExceptionException Analytics

Focus time on the policies that need attention or present opportunities for clients using our built-in exception analytics.

You need time back in your day

Simplified Policy ReviewsSimplified Policy Reviews

Creation of policy reviews is inefficient with time lost delving into carrier websites, lengthy hold times for phone calls to carriers, and follow ups on outstanding requests for information from a carrier. You need a better solution.

Automated Carrier RequestsStreamlined Carrier Requests

Proformex automates requests for information to carriers to reduce the manual aspects of creating a policy review. It even tracks what has been requested.

At-a-glance understanding of what's at risk


A single dashboard to manage policy performance


Instantly identify where potential exists


Generate policy reports with a single click


Inforce Management for Financial Institutions