About Proformex


Monitoring inforce life insurance performance relative to the original performance expectations can be a difficult task for agents, advisors, trustees and fiduciaries trying to protect their clients' interests.

Proformex was created to make InForce Policy Management easy. Our intuitive platform helps you monitor, analyze and manage the performance of your clients' life insurance policies in a single, distribution-agnostic platform.

We’re setting a new professional standard of client service that:

  • Empowers you with the support and tools necessary to monitor insureds' contracts, both individually and comprehensively, to ensure they remain in force according to original performance objectives
  • Enables you to manage your entire inforce book of business in a consolidated system, regardless of when and through what distribution channel a policy was written
  • Provides actionable insights and opportunities resulting from identification in advance of at-risk policies, term conversions, and policy lapse
  • Automates inforce illustration and statement ordering
  • Proactively monitors inforce policy performance against defined criteria, generating alerts and notifications when a policy is off-track or needs to be actioned