The numbers don't lie. What's your ROI?

Proformex generates ROI by identifying new revenue opportunities within your existing book and streamlining post-sale servicing tasks.

ROI from New Revenue Opportunities

Based on our own customer data, we know that in the average advisor’s existing book of business, 51% of policies are at risk (requiring immediate attention) and 25% of those at-risk policies turn into new sales through replacements and modifications.

ROI from Streamlined Post-Sale Servicing

Our policy review process is 12x faster than manual methods. Manual policy reviews can take upwards of 3 hours or more to complete, but Proformex cuts that time to just 15 minutes.

Is Proformex Right for You?

Proformex isn't right for everyone, but it's easy to find out.

By simply answering a few questions, we’ll let you know right away if Proformex is a good fit for you and your team based upon proven ROI calculations.

There’s no cost or commitment to find out. Just a minute of your time.

Free ROI Assessment

Find out if Proformex is right for you based upon a custom ROI assessment tailored to your book of business.