"Without Proformex’s help, we would have never known about the exorbitant premium increase required to keep the policy in force - Proformex helped us identify all our options so that we didn’t have to surrender the policy for no cash value.”

Proformex Plans


Producers & Agents

Get visibility into your inforce portfolio, with policy analytics, monitoring, alerting, illustration requests and document storage.

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Top Producers & Agents

Proactively manage your entire inforce portfolio and provide top notch client service in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


Top Agencies, Fiduciaries & Trustees

Monitor and manage your inforce operations with sophisticated analytics and inforce policy monitoring.

Platform Features

Features Basic Premium Distributor
Multi-Carrier, Multi-Distributor Policy Database
Client Contact Management
Document Storage
Automated Multi-Carrier Statement & Illustration Requests
Inforce Policy Dashboard
Book of Business Analytics
Policy Task Management
Policy Notes
Policy Monitoring & Alerting
Standard Policy Report Template
Customizable Policy Report Template  
Product Alternative Report Tool  
Custom Client Portfolios  
Internal Reminder Notifications  
Client Reminder Notifications  
Filtered Views for Affiliates    
Affiliate Access & Logins    

Platform Add-Ons

Features Basic Premium Distributor

Trust Management

Automates the generation of premium gift reminders and Crummey letter distribution. Includes ILIT administration and ILIT policy reviews. Provides a book of business and policy analytics dashboard for policies under management within trusts.


Document Processing for Automated Policy Reviews

After the system sends a document request and the user uploads to their account, documents will be processed, enriching the policy information available in the platform.