"Without Proformex’s help, we would have never known about the exorbitant premium increase required to keep the policy in force - Proformex helped us identify all our options so that we didn’t have to surrender the policy for no cash value.”

Proformex Plans


Producers & Agents

Get visibility into your inforce portfolio, with policy analytics, monitoring, alerting, illustration requests and document storage.

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Top Producers & Agents

Proactively manage your entire inforce portfolio and provide top notch client service in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Top Agencies, Fiduciaries & Trustees

Monitor and manage your inforce operations with sophisticated analytics, inforce monitoring, trust and Crummey management.

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Platform Features

Features Basic Premium Distributor
Multi-Carrier, Multi-Distributor Policy Database
Client Contact Management
Document Storage
Automated Multi-Carrier Statement & Illustration Requests
Inforce Policy Dashboard
Book of Business Analytics
Policy Task Management
Policy Notes
Policy Monitoring & Alerting
Standard Policy Report Template
Customizable Policy Report Template  
Product Alternative Report Tool  
Custom Client Portfolios  
Internal Reminder Notifications  
Client Reminder Notifications  
Filtered Views for Affiliates    
Affiliate Access & Logins    

Platform Add-Ons

Features Basic Premium Distributor

Trust Management

Automates the generation of premium gift reminders and Crummey letter distribution. Includes ILIT administration and ILIT policy reviews. Provides a book of business and policy analytics dashboard for policies under management within trusts.


Document Processing for Automated Policy Reviews

After the system sends a document request and the user uploads to their account, documents will be processed, enriching the policy information available in the platform.


Alternative Product Quoting for Automated Policy Reviews

Add automated quotes from preferred carriers with products to be showcased on policy reviews.


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