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Proformex Attends NAEPC

Nov 18, 2019 11:49:30 AM

Earlier this month, our team had the opportunity to attend the 56th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference in Las Vegas.

The event brought together some of the best and brightest in our industry for three days of networking, education and even a little fun! NAEPC's agenda was packed with engaging, informative sessions and the expo hall was the perfect place to chat with other exhibitors and attendees about current industry trends, new technology in the marketplace and some best practices. 

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BDR Anthony Moeglin & Inside Sales Director Ryan Tuley representing at the Proformex table at NAEPC's annual event.

Thank you so much to the great folks at NAEPC who pulled off such a great event! And thank you to the other sponsors and exhibitors for making this event possible. We really enjoyed our time with you all in Vegas and look forward to future conferences!



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