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Living Our Values and Aspiring to Help People Help People: Part III, Simplifying Complexity

Apr 7, 2020 1:37:07 PM

Another aim we have as an organization to help you tread water as the situation at hand continues to unfold is by simplifying complexity. See what we mean by reading below:

Though we all hope to simplify during uncertain times, the opposite is often true.

Financial plans become more complicated during crises. Income levels can shift; expenses can vary; asset values can fluctuate; health conditions can change (and, unfortunately in some situations deteriorate quickly). The assumptions underlying the goals and needs for an individual will change, too, and sometimes harshly from their original forecasts.

Insurance products, attempting to match an individual’s increasingly complex situation, will likely become more complex as well.

Proformex provides numerous advantages to support everyone supporting clients:

  • Enhanced visibility across multiple carriers and products
  • Consolidated portfolio views
  • Accessible line of sight into a client’s full insurance picture

Proformex consolidates complex information from multiple sources, making it easy to access, report on, and utilize to make informed decisions.  

In increasingly complex times, we hope to simplify this aspect of your business and your client’s lives.

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