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Proformex Launches Annuities

Jul 20, 2022 8:15:00 AM

Industry leader in data aggregation adds platform functionality to support annuities along with current life insurance offering

CLEVELAND, Ohio – July 20, 2022 – Proformex, the only end-to-end digital solution connecting financial professionals to critical, actionable data across their life insurance business, announced today its platform now supports annuities.

Proformex empowers banks, broker-dealers, RIAs, and independent financial advisors with unmatched data-driven insights to enhance client engagement and increase insurance sales. Now, Proformex users will get those robust, actionable insights not just across their life insurance business, but with clients’ annuities, too.

“Many of our current customers sell across multiple product lines, so it was important for us to grow the platform to support more of their business,” said Kristie Beck, CEO of Proformex. “The feedback we’ve gotten from customers so far has been tremendous, and we’re eager to see the impact this new module will have in helping our users continue to protect their clients’ investments, enhance client relationships, and grow revenues.”

Proformex sees adding annuity capabilities to its current suite of offerings was the natural next step in the platform’s evolution and will look to expand in other product lines in the future.

Beck added: “The more we consolidate information for our customers, the easier it becomes for everyone involved in the distribution of protection assets to ensure they’re serving their intended purpose for the owners long term. Our ultimate goal is for our users to be able to easily access the critical insights they need about their book of business to help drive informed decisions to support the best possible outcomes not only for their clients, but for their business as well.”

About Proformex

At Proformex, we’re reimagining how the industry thinks about protection assets. Your life insurance and annuities data is valuable. We connect you to it. The result is an end-to-end, digital solution to manage life and annuities. We help you maximize potential from your existing business—increasing the lifetime value of your client relationships, mitigating policy and reputational risk, and creating new opportunities for revenue growth.

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