Life Insurance Policy Management Software

Proformex is a platform built for the life insurance industry that revolutionizes inforce policy management for independent agents, advisors and trustees.

Our life insurance policy management software provides powerful portfolio analytics, individual contract monitoring and easy-to-use policy review reporting tools, putting oversight and control at your fingertips.


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Magna Life Settlements

The Proformex Platform

 Expedites the life insurance review process which saves time, reduces policy admin cost, and uncovers product sales possibilities


Orders Illustrations

Automates the Collection of Illustrations


Generates Reports

Creates Client Ready Policy Reviews


Finds Opportunities

Monitors Performance and Generates Alerts

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Proformex

Life Settlement Overview


#1. Strengthens Relationships

#2. Generates Revenue

Thumbnail_NEW New Business Opportunities

#3. Protects Your Reputation

#4. Automate Policy Reviews

Thumbnail_NEW Proformex ROI Policy Reviews

#5. Minimize Fiduciary Risk

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