Inforce Management for IMOs

"Producers should not be asking “why should I use Proformex?”, but rather “why wouldn’t I use Proformex?” The fact is that independent life insurance producers with a book of inforce policies that span multiple carriers, products and years in business need this solution. Proformex provides life insurance producers and their clients the most efficient solution to make informed, data-driven decisions about their coverage."
~ Scott Weber, Lion Street

Segment D

Connecting Visibility to Proactive Service

Differentiate Yourself
Mine Agencies' Books
Access Comprehensive Visibility

You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors

Value Added ServicingDownline Value Add

Inforce policy management technology that offers robust data and analytics is exactly the kind of service you should leverage to become the partner BGAs and GAs need.

MarketingMarketing Tool

Proformex provides BGAs and GAs with immediate market intelligence as well as unprecedented visibility into their downline books of business, showcasing hidden opportunities.

You need a better way for your agencies to mine their books of business

Ease of DataEase and Immediacy of Current Data

Providing your agencies with tools to quickly gather information for client service allows them to spend more time on revenue generating activities.

Opportunity IdentificationOpportunity Identification

Quickly identify revenue generating options that clients can choose to execute like term conversions, improved pricing versus an existing policy, enhanced guarantees or more.

Market IntelligenceMarket Intelligence

Quickly spot agency partners that have more problematic policies to develop intervention plans and strengthen your value as a resource.

You need consolidated visibility

Single Source of InfoSingle Source of Information

The Proformex inforce policy management platform was developed to solve the problem of fragmented data sharing by consolidating policy data across all sources and securely storing it in one place.

VisibilityComplete Book of Business Visibility

As your portfolio of clients grows, it is imperative to maintain high-level visibility over all the people, products, and assets under your care.


A centralized location to document inforce data helps you and your BGA and GA partners eliminate data mistakes and work from the same playbook to prioritize tasks and opportunities together.

What makes your service different?


Instantly identify where potential exists


Comprehensive and Complete Portfolio Visibility


Inforce Management for IMOs