Inforce Management for GAs and BGAs

"There are many features Proformex has that I would consider total game changers, but the most important, in my opinion, is that they enable first-party requests. In addition, the complete functionality that this tool provides is revolutionary to the industry. I am a big fan!"
~ Brittany Massaro, Coastal Insurance Consulting, Inc.


Connecting Visibility to Differentiation

Differentiate Yourself
Leverage Data & Analytics
Fuel Growth

You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors

DigitalGo Digital

In the new social distancing world, advisors need systems that transcend paper and provide digital options for policy management and service while protecting client data.

ComplianceEnhance Compliance

Compliance standards are evolving and changing. Having a secure, centralized location to store and manage clients’ inforce data and track policy performance assures you have the documentation you need to meet them.

TechnologyCreate a Technology Advantage

Empower your agents to spend time where they’re most effective – in direct client interactions. You are putting the power in their hands to best support their clients and the growth of their business.

You need unprecedented access to inforce data and quality insights

Manage by ExceptionManage by Exception

Focus time on the policies most needing attention. Actionable data helps you identify where changes are needed or opportunities exist.


New and evolving regulations can create risk and liability from your advisors’ books of business. Help your advisors remain in good standing with our industry’s most stringent standards.

Inforce AnalyticsInforce Analytics

We don’t just aggregate the data, we enrich it. Access robust insights with one click and analyze your book, making it clear where action is needed.

You need to help your advisors fuel their growth


A centralized location for inforce data between you and your advisors makes it easier to work from the same playbook to grow their business and in turn, increase your revenue.

Market IntelligenceMarket Intelligence

Carriers are making changes that can harm inforce policies. Proactively identify trends and issues within your advisors’ books of business before it’s too late to take corrective action or an opportunity is missed.


Cut down on time wasted on hold with carrier service centers or searching endlessly on carrier websites. Put the information advisors need at their fingertips in a single system regardless of carrier.

What makes your service different?


A single dashboard to manage policy performance


Data powers progress


Inforce Management for GAs and BGAs