Inforce Management for Broker-Dealers

"Originally hesitant, Proformex has turned me into a fan of using technology to make my life easier. In addition to keeping current AUM on the books, I’m finding new opportunities every day! I simply can’t live without it!"
~ K. Dehlinger, LFG

Segment A

You need Reg BI-compliant processes

Nobody faces a more fragmented and multifaceted compliance environment than Broker-Dealers who are engaged in the life insurance and annuity businesses. The SEC, FINRA, state securities regulators, state insurance departments, the Department of Labor…even the CFP® code all lay out rules that create compliance obligations and liability exposure. Documentation and sound processes form the backbone of proving compliance in a multi-carrier, multi-state environment with shifting regulatory requirements. Having a secure, centralized location to manage clients’ inforce data and track policy performance assures you have the documentation you need to meet evolving compliance standards.

Reg Bi@2x

Reg BI

With new regulations, there are inevitable unaddressed situations and gray areas that arise. When lawyers and regulators are using hindsight to question your execution, you need a system that helps with documentation and demonstration of efforts to support your recommendations and service clients.

Mitigated Risk Exposure@2x

Variable Insurance and Annuity Instruments Make Compliance Difficult

Traditional life sales have been able to escape service requirements under the agent/agency relationship. Variable products remove that free pass, and BDs can’t manage to that lowest common denominator of service. To ensure compliance you need to manage to the highest standard. Leveraging technology designed for the unique world of life and annuities is the only practical way to meet these high standards.

You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors

Proformex can help you create striking differentiation in the insurance space. The ability to efficiently and effectively service insurance products can open new revenue streams for representatives and make it difficult for clients to leave your organization.

Market Intelligence@2x


Advisors fear the potential for insurance business to cost them client relationships that chip away at AUM business. Using a powerful digital platform like Proformex can alleviate such fears and make advisors willing to embrace insurance products.


Next Gen

A well serviced client family can keep current AUM on the books and create new AUM opportunities across multiple family generations including eventual death benefit proceeds. It can also keep clients coming to you for advice on more areas which can strengthen the relationship.

You need to service your clients before someone else does

A life insurance or annuity transaction gone bad can quickly sour the entirety of a hard-earned client AUM relationship. The best defense is quality service that helps manage client expectations and keeps clients and advisors on the same page over time. You need technology systems that transcend traditional labor and paper world of insurance service if you’re to keep clients satisfied.

Value Added Servicing@2x

Value-Added Servicing

The proof is in the pudding. Clients need to touch and feel your service experience to appreciate it and for it to differentiate you. Whether you opt for a fee for service approach or use service as a value added approach, having a system that delivers a high touch feel without being labor intensive to you is invaluable.

Client Service@2x

Best Interests

You simply can’t act in a client’s best interest without accurate, timely, and insightful information. With the integration of insurance products into many retirement, estate, and wealth transfer strategies, they simply can’t be ignored in a best interest world.

You need better insights and access to inforce data

Lack of quality, easily accessible information continues to frustrate BDs dealing with the insurance world. Offering unprecedented access to inforce data helps keep everyone informed and ensures any changes made are based on accurate and up to date data.

Manage by Exception@2x

Identify At-Risk Policies

Quickly identify policies needing attention to avoid unwanted surprises for clients and enable early corrective actions which can save clients time and money.


Market Intelligence

Carriers are making changes that can harm inforce policies. Proactively identify trends and issues within your advisors’ books of business before it’s too late to take corrective action or an opportunity is missed.

Opportunity Identification@2x

Opportunity Identification

Quickly identify revenue generating options that clients can choose to execute like term conversions, improved pricing versus an existing policy, enhanced guarantees or more.

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