The Issue

Your clients expect their inforce life insurance policies to perform according to the original objectives defined at purchase. Monitoring inforce policies has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming and costly endeavor, and agents often lack the resources to sustain that effort over the long lives of these products. Left unmanaged, policies are put in danger of performing poorly resulting in premium increases or lapsing – which is an unwanted surprise for you and your clients.

The Proformex Solution for Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors

Proformex makes monitoring your clients’ policies simple, easy and cost-effective, allowing you to focus on what matters—providing your clients with the best possible outcomes on their inforce policies. With both solutions, you get:

  • An all-in-one proactive policy management platform that helps you easily service inforce policies, identify at risk policies, and uncover opportunities with existing clients
  • Insight into your entire inforce book of business in one place, regardless of when or through which distribution channel the policy was written
  • Actionable insights and opportunities resulting from proactive identification of at-risk policies, term conversions, and policy lapse
  • Minimized fiduciary risk and expense for servicing policies
  • A business differentiator, giving you the satisfaction of not only meeting, but exceeding your clients’ expectations
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How Does it Work?

Data Collection & Storage

Once the initial policy data has been populated in the system, Proformex takes over, keeping track of important anniversary dates and proactively requesting statements and illustrations from carriers for each policy every year. The system stores historical documents in an organized folder structure and notifies you if the requested documents are not received.

Illustration Ordering

Easily order inforce, projected or alternative illustrations right from the system interface, either on-demand or on a set annual schedule. Our proprietary ordering and document-scanning technology aggregates key data points from statements and illustrations that are not often available through standard carrier data feeds.

Policy Monitoring

The system tracks five key performance parameters of life insurance policies – lapse age, death benefit, annualized premium, internal crediting rate and the carrier's Comdex rating – and allows you to set monitoring guidelines which trigger alerts if any of the five parameters fall outside of your client’s preferred limits.

Alerts & Notifications

Proformex sends automatic alerts for policies that are projected to lapse, have their term conversion period expire, or which could be potentially sold or financed. You can also set up automated notifications for your clients for common tasks such as premium reminders or requesting premium payment verification from carriers.


Policy Review

Proformex divides reporting capabilities into two distinct tiers, making it quick and easy to create the precise reports you need for any task.

policy reporting


See the big picture of your overall book of business and the fine details of individual policies with equal clarity using the analytics built into Proformex. View data points such as number of policies, death benefit, cash value and cash surrender value, and cross-section by policy type, ownership type, anniversary, premium payments, beneficiaries and more.

Which Proformex Subscription Should I Choose?

Proformex offers three subscription models to meet the needs of agents, advisors and fiduciaries.

Feature Basic Premium Professional
Data Collection      
Form Requests     X
Policy Statements X X X
Premium Verfications     X
Beneficiary Changes     X
Ownership Changes     X
Address Changes     X
Death Claims     X
Document Upload X X X
Foldering   X X
Policy Grouping   X X
Policy Data      
Policy Details X X X
Go Forward Death Benefit IRR X X X
Year over Year Tracking X X X
Owner Information X X X
Beneficiary Information X X X
Insured Information X X X
Policy Documents X X X
Policy Notes   X X
Policy Tasks   X X
Illustration Ordering      
Request Current Illustration X X X
Request Alternative Illustration(s) X X X
Automated Request Scheduling X X X
Policy Monitoring      
Tracked Data Points X X X
Lapsed Age X X X
Death Benefits X X X
Premium X X X
Credit Rating X X X
Comdex X X X
Monitoring Guidelines X X X
Policy Details X X X
Policy Report Tool   X X
Coverage Assessment Tool   X X
Reporting Services      
Policy Review   X X
Coverage Assessment     X
Premium Reminders   X X
Premium Gift Reminders     X
Carrier Request(s)   X X
Performance Monitoring   X X
Carrier Comdex Change   X X
Crummey Letters     X
Interval-based Triggers   X X
Action-based Triggers   X X
All Policies X X X
Reviewed Policies YTD   X X
Alerts X X X
Drill down by:      
Carriers X X X
Product Types X X X
Ownership Types X X X
Policy Beneficiary X X X
Policy Anniversary X X X
Premium Payments X X X
Premium Gifts     X
Insurance Agents X X X
Trustees     X
Trust Beneficiaries     X
Request Alternatives      
Modify Policy     X
Replace Policy     X
Sell Policy     X
Finance Policy     X