Inforce Management for Agents & Advisors

"At this point in time, if you are not doing inforce policy management for your clients, you're irresponsibly selling life insurance and annuities."
~ H. Schulman, Sagemark Consulting


You need a better way to mine your book

Have you ever considered the magnitude of the growth potential just sitting inside your existing book of business? There are countless opportunities for you to capitalize on, and it doesn’t have to be painstaking to identify them. Automatically receive alerts and surface these opportunities with a few clicks!

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Book of Business Intelligence

We provide you access to powerful, comprehensive data that you need to help your clients make the best decisions relative to their long-term financial goals and objectives. Operate confidently with data to back your recommendations to your clients.

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Opportunity Identification

Quickly identify revenue generating options that clients can choose to execute like term conversions, improved pricing versus an existing policy, enhanced guarantees, settling a policy or more.

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Manage by Exception

Focus your time on the policies that need attention. Our monitoring tools allow easy identification of at-risk policies so you can spend more time where it counts – meaningfully engaging with your clients and prospects.

You need to service your clients before someone else does

Centers of influence expect a solid service deliverable for clients they may refer. Having a demonstrable service process can help pave the way to new referrals or policy audits. Demonstrate your commitment to service beyond the sale with prospects to help establish and maintain their trust from very early on in the sales cycle.

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Client Service

Offer your clients peace of mind in knowing that you’re not managing their policy alone. Technology provides an added layer of security and instills a level of confidence unmatched in the market…without spending hours on administration!

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Value-Added Servicing

With a heavily saturated space, it is important to stand out. Value added services are a way to do this today. Leveraging the leading policy monitoring technology is a win for you and your clients.

You need streamlined, simplified policy reviews

Policy reviews are necessary. As much as you would like to review all your clients’ policies regularly, there simply is not the time. Spending hours on the phone with carriers and tracking down old paperwork is not scalable. What if you could do it in a few clicks?



On average, a policy review takes 3-4 hours. Multiply that time spent by the number of policies in your book and it’s no wonder policy reviews aren’t being conducted on a regular basis. Save yourself time and deliver client-ready reports with a single click.

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Manual, tedious work is always susceptible to human error. By automating policy reviews, you’re reducing that margin of error to deliver a more consistent and accurate reporting experience to each of your clients.


Top of Mind

Automated reviews create an additional touchpoint to keep your name and brand top of mind for clients for when they have more needs in the future.

You need Reg BI-compliant processes to avoid getting sued

The regulatory nature of the life insurance industry is ever-evolving, nuanced, and complex. Maintaining compliance and reducing your exposure to risk is a tough burden to bear, which means all the more reason to implement a client-based system of record for all your recommendations and transactions.

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Don’t Get Sued

In a business where earning your clients’ trust is paramount, you simply can’t afford to leave yourself exposed to risk that could ultimately jeopardize your practice. Mitigate your risk exposure and enhance your good reputation all in one place.

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It’s common not to have a full grasp on your entire book of business. That unprecedented visibility into your book of business is crucial. You can quickly and easily gain both a holistic view of your book as well as individualized information by policy.

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Inforce Analytics

Accessing the data isn’t enough. Enriching the data with actionable insights will help you and your clients make relevant decisions that will ultimately protect their best interests and increase your revenue.

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